The SignaturiX solution is based on the idea of an electronic handwritten signature, i.e. in addition to the features of an ordinary (graphic) signature,
it has biometric and graphical information to identify its authenticity.
signature is made on devices equipped with a touch screen and, depending on their type,
apart from the image of the signature itself, contains a number of parameters used in the analysis of authenticity.

  • “The total printing costs and operating costs associated with this area can consume up to 10% of the company's revenues.”
  • "According to the report prepared for OKI, 1/3 of European companies are planning to implement the electronic document flow in the near future."
  • "Time spent by employees related to document handling (processing, searching, updating) is about 10-20% of working time"




Thanks to the SignaturiX solution, we save on the costs of printing, sending and storing documents.


Advanced electronic signature compatible with eIDAS. Submission of a signature using SignaturiX is sufficient for written form.


Each signed document is protected against content change, signature replacement or unauthorized use.


Delivery, retrieval and archiving of signed documents is much faster than in the case of a paper version, and there will also never be any mistakes that may appear on the paper version.


By eliminating paper versions of documents we contribute to environmental protection.
Availability and convenience regardless of equipment
To use SignaturiX, the user does not need to install any additional software. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the SignaturiX server. As a result, almost every workstation (tablet, 2in1 device, smartphone, laptop computer or signpad computer) with appropriate technical parameters can instantly turn into a biometric document signing tool. Users do not have to download new software versions - they always work on one, current version.
Solution integrity
It guarantees that the content of every PDF document signed using SignaturiX is inseparably connected with the signatures it contains. The signature on the document contains a time stamp downloaded from the certified time server. The signature biometric is stored in an encrypted form inside the document and can be used for the graphical verification of the person submitting the signature.
Document security
The SignaturiX system is installed in the infrastructure of the Ordering Party. Unlike other solutions (based on the cloud solutions in particular), you can be sure that no document or sensitive data (biometrics of the signer included) leave your internal infrastructure at any stage of the process. SignaturiX software is a proprietary solution of Monolit IT – Polish engineers, programmers and IT security specialists.
Dedicated Customer Service functionality
The system provides functionality dedicatedo to customer service stations. With its help employee can display a digital document for signing without sharing the workstation’s screen to the client. Thanks to synchronization, content edition is visible on both devices, giving the possibility of cooperation on one document. The synchronization mode gives the employee full control over the document signing process without blocking the workstation.
Document editor
SignaturiX also has an extensive PDF document editor. Using it you can prepare forms or templates of documents completed and signed within the framework of electronic documents workflow.
Compliance with standards
  • ISO 32000-1:2008
  • ISO 19794-7
  • PAdES B-T
Secure signing
Encryption and secure (offline) storage of the biometrics key


Telecommunications operator

  • lower employment and lower labor costs
  • smaller queues and more efficient service
  • resignation from the purchase of paper necessary for printed contracts
  • resignation from the purchase and service costs of printers and toners
  • no costs for documents stored in paper form
  • no complaints related to incorrect completion of contracts

Insurance agents

  • the possibility of concluding property contracts on smartphones
  • faster service
  • documents are immediately sent and stored on the server
  • no need for printing paper contracts
  • copies of documents can be automatically sent to the customer via email
  • collecting various types of "consents" from the client (data processing for example)

Car service

  • savings on paper, printing and storing documents
  • resignation from paper documents workflow
  • faster and more efficient customer service
  • possibility of connection with other systems in the company, e.g. warehouse

Debt collection

  • contracts signing at the client’s
  • greater efficiency in gaining customers
  • immediate information in the system without the need to print the contract
  • savings on paper, printing, circulation and documents storaging

Document flow for secure approval

  • integration with the JIRA system
  • faster and more efficient internal organization documentation management
  • resignation from the purchase of paper necessary for internal company documents

Organization of conferences

  • no need to print consents related to the GDP. Each participant signs the appropriate consent on the tablet
  • no need to store documents in paper form - they are saved as digital files

Medical clinics, hospitals

  • faster patient service
  • immediate consent for carrying out tests, receipt of results, etc. visible in the system by authorized personnel
  • savings on paper, printing, circulation and documents storage

Hotel chain

  • no need to print registration cards or other documents related to the guest's check-in
  • faster customer service
  • savings on paper, printing and documents storage
  • improvement of the internal documents circulation

Customer Service office

  • customer service time reduction
  • quick and mistake-free contracts signing
  • joint work on a single document/agreement




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